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Shaunt Nigoghossian

Shaunt Nigoghossian is an Executive Producer, Show Runner, Story Editor and Creative Lead working in animation for over 25 years at most of the major studios;  Dreamworks, Powerhouse, Sony, Hasbro, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Film Roman, Starz, Disney and Saban with partnerships in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, India and Latin America.  Prior to running shows he worked as a Director, Assistant Director, Storyboard Artist and Writer.  Shaunt has been nominated multiple times for Annie and Emmy Awards and has worked on projects ranging from Adult Anime, Comedy, Prime Time, Horror, Saturday Morning, age 3 to 8 projects and has a detailed understanding of the differing pipelines (CG, 2D, FLASH) used by the various studios. 

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shaunt nigoghossian

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Executive Producer     2021-Present
Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon knight

supervising producer     2020-2021 
kung fu panda: The Dragon Knight

show runner/supervising director     2018-2020 
Blood of zeus

producer     2015-2017

director     2015-2015

director     2015-2015
lego flash: back in time

director     2014-2015
justice league: action

director     2013-2014
be cool: scooby doo

director     2010-2013
transformers: prime

assistant director / retakes     2009-2010
king of the hill

assistant director     2006-2009
king of the hill

Storyboard artist     1999-2006
batman: killing joke
blood of zeus
king of the hill
justice league: unlimited
what's new scooby doo
jackie chan adventures
ultimate spiderman
lego: Batman beleaguered
legend of korra
teen titans
lego flash: back in time
transformers: Prime
kung fu panda: The dragon knight
max steel
high guardian spice
men in black
justice league: action
dead space: downfall
ben 10: alien force
danny phantom
batman unlimited: monster mayhem
the x's
scooby doo and the lochness monster
american dragon
justice league: back in time
be cool: scooby doo
roughnecks: starship troopers chronicles
justice league: Gods and Monsters
beware the batman
batman unlimited: Animal instincts


It is imperative that all parties involved, from writers, artists, editors, production people to executives, agree on the vision and goals of the project.  Decide where the bar is together to avoid the common pitfalls.

Earlier in my career, animation was split into typecast categories (action, wacky comedy, prime time) but I enjoyed jumping in and out of each to get a more well-rounded experience.  As media continues to evolve, ALL of those skills, along with character development, cinematography and heartfelt dramatic moments, are necessary to create modern, impactful animated projects.

In an industry that bred a "sink or swim" culture, there were few people who took the time to mentor me.  But those who did made a difference and continue to impact me today.  From very early on, teaching has been the most important and fulfilling part of my job.  Not only do I care to pay forward the kindness I received, but I believe that creating a team of hardworking, reliable people is the best way to make a quality show.

Animatics and Video Clips

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