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Shaunt Nigoghossian started in animation in the late 90's.  He has worked for Sony, Hasbro, Cartoon Network, WB, Nickelodeon, Film Roman/Starz, Disney and Saban.  He most recently served as Producer/Show Runner at WB TV Animation where he also story edited.  Prior to that he has worked as a Director, Assistant Director, Storyboard Artist, he wrote a couple of shorts, and spent a year working exclusively in retakes.  Shaunt has been nominated multiple times for Annie and Emmy Awards.  He has worked on 6 different CG projects as well as traditional and Flash, and has a detailed understanding of each pipeline.  He has also enjoyed working in comedy, action, prime time and horror.

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After two decades in story, you end up working with very similar scripts and tropes, (The shrinking episode/body switch, etc.).   It would be easy to recycle the same shots and poses, and ultimately leave early each day.  But that concept is simply not in my vocabulary.  Whether in the script, the staging, the artistic style or the music, I am compelled to push myself - and my team - beyond our comfort zones and the "same old bag of tricks" (unless the deadline is near... in which case the bag of tricks is very welcomed).

I don't agree with artists being typecast as "only good at comedy" or "only good at action."  It has been my experience that great shows require some combination of comedy, action, heart, and great character development.  I've worked on and led a variety of animated series' with this philosophy, endeavoring to refine the skills necessary to be well-rounded, diverse and dynamic. 

In an industry that bred a "sink or swim" culture, there were few people who took the time to mentor me.  But those who did made a difference and continue to impact me today.  From very early on, teaching has been the most important and fulfilling part of my job.  Not only do I care to pay forward the kindness I received, but I believe that creating a team of hardworking, reliable people is the best way to make a quality show.


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Mural Project 2010-2014

Shaunt worked with Valley View Elementary School and The California Institute of Contemporary Arts to create the four year long Mural Project.  Childrens' original artwork was scanned, laid out and colored in photoshop, then projected onto the wall.  Parents and kids penciled the lines in and marked the colors (like paint by numbers) at which point the kids grabbed their paintbrushes and finished the mural!  This project brought the community together, beautified the school and remains one of Shaunt's most proud contributions.


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